Jarvis Cherron Kolen

Your Information Technology Professional

Your Information Technology Professional

Hello, my name is Jarvis Cherron Kolen.  I am the owner of Drapetomania Webdesign and Managed Services.  I am a father of five wonderful children and I am married to my best friend, my wife, Alicia.

This online portfolio is a much cleaner more concise version of what I envisioned when I initially began working on it.  Furthering my education in the Information Technology field made me see my vision clearly and forced me to understand that my vision had to include  what would be visually pleasing to anyone that visited this site.  Along those lines new knowledge also gave me the newfound skill set to be able to bring my vision to fruition and develop a website properly.

Along with my solid background in understanding syntax, I have strengthened my base in coding directly with HTML (which is a far more valuable skill than given credit for) and I have a strong base in MS Office skills to showcase for prospective clients.   I have experience with various office software and information techology skillsets that  include coding with HTML and web design, working with Adobe Fireworks and Dreamweaver and proper WordPress design.  I also have experience with building spreadsheets in Excel and creating databases in Access.

This portfolio is my vision for what I want potential clients, friends and current clients to think of my skill set.  I want it to represent to all visitors my ability to be able to bring to life any idea they present to me and want to see from an end product that I produce for them.  My portfolio should speak to people not only about the type of web designer I am, but also about the type of person I am.


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